Welcome to Sandpoint Waldorf School!

Sandpoint Waldorf School is one of those Waldorf schools that is an unlikely miracle of sorts. Our lovely and wonderful little town boasts a population of 7,000 people. 25 years ago an inspired group of parents came together with the hope of creating a new educational possibility for families in this area. Today, we are proud that we have grown to be a Nursery through Grade 8 school with over 165 students, and that we have, over the years, and in many different ways, touched the lives of many of the people who live in this town. Whether they are families who have had children enrolled in the school at one time or another, or families that have taken part in our many productions, festivals, concerts or lectures, this school has contributed to our greater Sandpoint community in significant ways.

We have an overall program that meets the children at each level of their development in appropriate ways to help them reach their highest potential and develop the skills and awareness that will serve them well. Not only do we have a strong faculty with over 130 years of combined Waldorf teaching experience, and the foundation of a curriculum which is known worldwide for its strong academic training, we also offer a wide range of experiences to our students and families in the arts, sciences, outdoors, crafts, service learning and movement- from outdoor education, to woodworking, handcrafts, foreign language, sports, dance, eurythmy, archery, fencing, violin, choir.

We invite you to peruse this site and give us a call or visit to learn more about this remarkable school.