Dear Parents,

What inspiring children we have here in Sandpoint. It's so good to be back! This fall gave us much fruit in our work in Eurythmy and though this year was shorter, the students in the third through eighth grades have some excellent pieces to share with you. Thank you all for your wonderful presence in years' past, holding a reverent atmosphere to inspire our children to rise to their best. This holding will be helpful as we stretch into a new venue - The Panida Theater. This is a wonderful community event so feel free to invite family and friends. The children look forward every year to this performance and this year the new venue will be a special experience for them. 

Third through Eighth Grade: Dress Rehearsal: Drop off at 8:10 am Thursday, Nov. 3 at the Panida Theater

Performance: Drop off at 6:00 pm Thursday, Nov. 3 at the Panida Theater

*What to Wear? We all have silks this year! Underneath: Girls: skirt, slip or dress under the silk (as it is see-through and clingy), solid light color shirt, hair back. Boys: solid light color shirt, nice pants, hair back with headband if it's in eyes.  

*This is a cell phone free event; an opportunity to be together, present with our children and each other. Please turn off phones if you have them with you before entering the theater. There will be a designated photographer to share pictures with those who would like.

*Our choreography takes much concentration. Please have little ones seated with you.  

Thank you all so much we look forward to seeing you there!

~Submitted by Shannon Weiler