The Sandpoint Waldorf School is an independent nonprofit school for children in nursery through eighth grade. The school admits qualified students from a range of abilities and backgrounds who can benefit from and enhance the program.

Tuition is kept as low as possible. To ensure that student body selection is not limited by economic background the Sandpoint Waldorf School offers tuition assistance to families who demonstrate need. An endowment fund has been established in order to build a stable financial basis for the future.

Admission depends upon space availability, age, and an assessment of the student’s physical, emotional, and intellectual development and needs. Candidates for Fall admission should apply by February 28 for early childhood classes and by April 30 for grade school classes. Candidates applying after that date are considered if spaces are available and as soon as supporting transcripts are received from previously attended schools. Except in unusual circumstances each candidate is required to complete two interviews and visit a class in session.

OBLIGATIONS OF ENROLLED FAMILIES – The involvement of all parents is necessary for maintaining the health and stability of the school. Parents are expected to share their collective talents in areas such as committee work, building maintenance, and major fund raising events. In addition, they are to be in agreement with and supportive of the school’s philosophy. To this end parents are asked to attend all parent/teacher conferences, parent evenings, class meetings, and other educational offerings in order to deepen their understanding of the education their children are receiving. Parents support the teachers’ work at school by assuring that their children have regular meal and bedtimes, adequate sleep and nutrition, and limited exposure to electronic media.

MEDIA POLICY – Watching television and videos and playing computer games, regardless of their content, inhibits children’s innate capacity to form their own inner pictures, an ability crucial for creative thinking and problem solving. Limiting the exposure to electronic media has been shown to improve the mood of open-minded concentration and social stability in the classroom. Therefore, the Sandpoint Waldorf School asks parents to restrict television and computer use at home.